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Give attendees a front-row seat from anywhere in the world and keep them engaged with real-time chat.

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Every academic, scientific, and medical or professional conference has its own set of requirements — we get it.

Offload the stress of 
organizing your hybrid or virtual conference with Underline’s white-glove service.
We act as an extended part of your team to help you host your event.

Underline enriches video lectures with abstracts, transcripts, multi-language translations, DOI numbers, MARC records, and other ancillary materials.

Welcome to the world's first event management platform for hosting cutting-edge scientific, academic & advanced tech conferences.

Make your event DOI citable

Boost post-event engagement

Researchers can explore past lectures through Underline’s digital library whether you host a live/hybrid event or only have previously recorded material.

We specialize in high-impact events


Customize Underline to your needs

Host scalable events with affordable pricing

We want to break knowledge-sharing barriers, not your budget.
With Underline’s event management platform, only pay for the features that you use.


Host a memorable virtual conference with Underline


Augment your virtual lineup

Supplement virtual conference content with live videos and pre-recorded content. Keep your event sessions engaging with live Q&A.


Showcase your data

With virtual rooms, your attendees can wander in and out to view data and research presentations and even follow up with the presenter.


Welcome your attendees in person — virtually

Announce keynote speakers, conference sessions, and lectures upon your guests’ arrival at your virtual or hybrid event’s reception area.


Network in your virtual conference’s lounge

What are events without socializing? In the virtual lounge, guests can chat with their colleagues to discuss lectures and collaboration opportunities.


Never miss a keynote or lecture

Every conference has easy-to-scan calendar integration, allowing attendees to add reminders to their calendars.


Help your sponsors engage your audience

Your sponsors can host live events at your online conference, offer deals, and engage interested attendees.

Your virtual venue has no limits

Host as many keynotes, lectures, and technical sessions as you want, and share as much research as you need. Maximize your event with Underline.


Get in touch

Organize your event with Underline.


Underline can help you host workshops, offer webinar services, or boost registrations for your hybrid events, thus diversifying your revenue.

The ultimate virtual

conference platform

Host worry-free events

Enjoy white-glove service

Engage your attendees

Your premier virtual conference venue.
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Underline helped AAMAS bolster event registration with a nearly 10-fold increase in attendance. 

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Translations and Multi-Language Streams Can Extend Your Event’s Global Reach

Underline helped Enago's SEE THE FUTURE break down language barriers to be a truly global event.


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